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Suggested Reading

Some introductory texts on the physics of fine-tuning, including the first papers on the subject, are listed below.

  • B. Carter. Large Number of Coincidences and the Anthropic Principle in Cosmology. In: Confrontation of cosmological theories with observational data, Proceeding of IAU Symposium, ed. M. S. Longair (D. Reidel), (1974) 291. [link]
  • J. D. Barrow. Anthropic Definitions. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 24 (1983) 146. [link]
  • P. C. W. Davies. How bio-friendly is the universe? International Journal of Astrobiology, 2 (2003) 115. [link 1 | link 2]
  • B. Carr & M. Rees. Fine-Tuning in Living Systems. International Journal of Astrobiology, 2 (2003) 79. [link]
  • M. Rees. Numerical Coincidences and 'Tuning' in Cosmology. In: Fred Hoyle's Universe, ed. C. Wickramasinghe et al. (Kluwer), (2003) 95.  [link]
  • L. A. Barnes. The Fine-Tuning of the Universe for Intelligent Life. Publications of the Astronomical Society os Australia, 29 (2012) 529. [link 1 | link 2]