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Joe Silk

Joseph Silk will write a chapter on galaxy and star formation.

Joe Silk is Homewood Professor of Physics at the Johns Hopkins University, a research scientist  at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris and CEA, Saclay,  a senior fellow at the Beecroft Institute for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics in the Department of Physics, Oxford University, and Professor of Astronomy at Gresham College, London. He received the 2011 Balzan Prize for his pioneering work on the early universe. He is a fellow of the Royal Society, and an emeritus fellow at New College, Oxford. He has written six books: Le Futur du Cosmos, Editions Odile Jacob, 2015, Horizons of Cosmology, Templeton Press, 2009, The Infinite Cosmos, Oxford University Press, 2006, On the Shores of the Unknown: A Short History of the Universe, Cambridge University Press, 2005, The Big Bang , W.H. Freeman, 2000, and Cosmic Enigmas , Springer, 1994.

A conversation with Joe Silk and Mario Livio.

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