Welcome to the website of the Consolidation of Fine-Tuning project!

Our goal is to consolidate the idea of fine-tuning across disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Fine-tuning is often deemed a fact and used to reach grandiose metaphysical conclusions by philosophers, theologians, and even physicists, without a proper understanding of the underlying assumptions entailed by these arguments. As a consequence the physical and philosophical literature on this subject are rather confusing, leading to esoteric topics such as Boltzmann Brains. We intend to present a comprehensive review of the physics used for deriving fine-tuning arguments, scrutinising the current ones and uncovering new examples, thereby providing a solid foundation for future efforts to interpret this fascinating facet of Nature. 

We will produce a field-manual for fine-tuning and create an accompanying interactive website targeted at a general audience. Further details of these subprojects will be announced here in the future. We will also host a series of workshops with experts on these topics. Click here to see the dates of the next ones.  

This project is funded by the John Templeton Foundation. A detailed description of our proposal can be found here.