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Anthropics (Dec/2013)

The workshop "Anthropics: Selection Effects & Fine-Tuning in Cosmology" took place in Oxford in December 2013, in the scope of the project Establishing the Philosophy of Cosmology. Some interesting videos of talks related to this topic can be found in YouTube.

PDF files of the talks are also available for download below.

  • Andrew Liddle - The Inflationary Multiverse [pdf]
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed - Why is there a macroscopic universe? [pdf] [youtube]
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed - Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics and the Multiverse  [pdf] [youtube]
  • Bernard Carr - Fine-Tunings, Metacosmology and the Limits of Science [pdf]
  • Chris Smeenk - Bayesian Anthropics [pdf] [youtube]
  • Chris Smeenk - Predictions in Eternal Inflation [pdf] [youtube]
  • David Sloan - Boltzmann Brains [pdf]
  • Fay Dowker - A historical perspective on fine tuning: lessons from causal set cosmology [pdf]
  • George Ellis - Philosophy of cosmology: Cosmology as opposed to cosmology [pdf]
  • Jean-Philippe Uzan - Fundamental Constants, Physics and Cosmology [pdf] [youtube]
  • Jean-Philippe Uzan - Variation of Fundamental Constants: Overview of the Constraints [pdf] [youtube]
  • Jesus Mosterin - Logical Check-Up of the Anthropic, Multiversal and Fine-Tuning Arguments in Cosmology [pdf]
  • Joe Silk - Anthropics, Selection Effects and Fine-Tuning in Cosmology: Some introductory remarks [pdf] [youtube]
  • John Peacock - Un-natural Aspects of Standard Cosmology [pdf]
  • Nick Bostrom - Problems and Paradoxes in Anthropic Reasoning [pdf] [youtube]
  • Nick Bostrom - The Diverse Applications of Anthropics [pdf] [youtube]