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International Conference on the Physics of Fine-Tuning

Our project's capstone conference was held in Crete from June 19-22. You can see the conference webpage here. Below is the conference schedule, which will be updated with slides and videos from the talks as they are made available. The talks are presented here in the order in which they occured at the conference.

1. Bernard Carr Re-assessing the fine-tunings in physics and cosmology slides
2. Tim Maudlin Fine-tuned for what? slides
3. Licia Verde Fine-tuning and betting odds in the dark sector: from the cosmological constant to neutrinos slides
4. Jean-Philippe Uzan Tuning of the nuclear processes in astrophysical and cosmological contexts slides
5. Rocky Kolb Dark matter shapes the universe slides
6. Rachel Rosen Massive gravitons and time-dependent black holes  
7. Joe Silk Fine-tuning from stars to galaxies to supermassive black holes slides
8. Debora Sijacki Fine-tuning (or not) in structure formation simulations slides
9. John Peacock Astrophysics of the multiverse slides
10. Avi Loeb The habitability of our universe  
11. Mario Livio How special is the solar system?  
12. Ray Pierrehumbert Fine-tuning required for the existence of oceans, and how nature can get around it slides
13. Konstantinos Tassis PASIPHAE: Clearing the path to experimental tests of inflation slides
14. Simon Friederich How fine-tuning for life is relevant to belief in a multiverse (and how not) slides
15. Pedro Ferreira A scale free universe slides
16. Janna Levin Dark energy from dark dimensions  
17. Michela Massimi Three problems about multi-scale modelling in contemporary cosmology  
18. Jerome Martin Cosmic inflation: where do we stand? slides
19. Barry Loewer Philosophical problems provoked by fine-tuning slides
20. David Albert Fine-tuning and the philosophical analysis of probability  
21. Luke Barnes Fine-tuning in physics and cosmology slides
22. Katherine Snow Could fine-tuning of the early universe be a “phantom physical problem”? slides
23. McCullen Sandora Imprints of Fine Tuning in Bio- and Geochemistry slides
23. Fred Adams Stars in other universes: how much fine-tuning is necessary? slides
24. George Ellis Fine-tuning and the molecules of life slides