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Upcoming Events

6/Oct/2017 - Workshop: The Fine-Tuning Argument (details)

Past Events

19-23/Jun/2017 - International Conference on the Physics of Fine-Tuning

14/Mar/2017 - Workshop: Inflationary Cosmology

28/Jan/2017 - Fine-Tuning at Stargazing

11/Nov/2016 - Royal Astronomical Society specialist discussion meeting "Fine-Tuning on the Cosmological and the Quantum Scales" (details) (videos)

08/Sep/2016 - Dark Matter(s) (details)

12/May/2016 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Multiverse (details)

11/Feb/2016 - Other Earths (details)

03/Nov/2015 - Life in the Universe (details)



* Dates are provisional.